What is counselling?

Counselling is the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve especially personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties.

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Counselling & what is it is all about?

First of all, there are more people with inner hurts and serious personal problems today than ever before.

In our generation “family-life” has been seriously damaged because:


Divorce rates are on the rise.                        


Single parent families have increase.


Many mothers now work outside the home, leaving their children for others to care for.


Many couples are living together without the stability and responsibility of marriage.


Emotional Healing / Counselling

Fear, Guilt, Worthlessness, Sexual Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Rejection, etc.

Ministry towards the Abused

Verbal Abused, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, etc.

Pre and Post Abortion Ministry

No Support System, Insecurity, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Rejection, etc.

Eating Disorder

Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, etc.

Addiction Counselling

Substance or Chemical Addiction, etc.

Marriage, Relationship & Divorce Counselling

Marriage & Relationship Problems, Pre-marital Counselling, Going through Divorce, Struggling after Divorce, etc.

Child & Youth Counselling

Rebellion, Development Stages, etc.

Trauma Debriefing & Counselling

Hi-jacking, Rape, Accidents, Death, etc.


Mismanagement of your Finances, Debt Restructuring, etc.

Spiritual Warfare

Braking of Curses, Bloodline Curses, Demonic Oppression, etc.

Ministry to Cult & Occult related situations

Exposure to, Involvement in & Affected by Cult & Occult related Situations, etc.

Anointing of and Spiritual Cleaning of homes

Removal of Demonic Activities in ones Home, Taking back your property & belongings for Jesus Christ, etc.

Counselling fees

Individual Counselling
Individuele Berading

180 Per Hour / Per Uur

    Youth Counselling
    Jeug Berading 

    R 120 Per Hour / Per Uur

      Emotional & Grief Counselling
      Emosioneel & Rou Berading 

      R 180 Per Hour / Per Uur

        Family Counselling
        Gesins Berading / Terapie

        300 Per Hour / Per Uur

          Pre-Marriage Counselling
          Voorhuwelikse Berading

          R 200 Per Hour / Per Uur

            Marriage, Relationship & Divorce Counselling
            Huwelik, Verhouding & Egskeidingsberading 

            R 250 Per Hour / Per Uur

              Parent & Child Relationship Counselling
              Ouer & Kind Verhouding Berading

              250 Per Hour / Per Uur

                Trauma Debriefing & Counselling
                Trauma Berading

                R 200 Per Hour / Per Uur

                  Ministry towards the Abused
                  Bediening aan die mishandeldes

                  R 150 Per Hour / Per Uur

                    Public Speaking / Openbare Toesprake. Per Quote / Per Kwotasie
                    Plus Petrol Costs / Brandstof Onkoste. (Per A A Tariff / Tariewe)